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Alpine DP-65C

Functionally existing simple atmospheric appearance! Clever use of carbon fiber woven diaphragm and aluminum characteristics, creating a visual aesthetic and texture.

The first use of the new diaphragm material "Hybrid fiber”
High rigid carbon fiber reflects the power of bass, High toughness bulletproof fiber clearly reflects the soft voice of the mid-tone, and Midtones, a bass unit using unified diaphragm material, to achieve a wide range of sound source playback convergence natural

"Aluminum magnesium alloy" tweeter unit Bright treble
The aluminum-magnesium alloy tweeter can reproduce the sound of the instrument's heavenly sound

Gold-plated terminals corrosion-resistant
Low resistance with high fidelity

HAMR Surround
The Alpine uniqueness technology H.A.M.R. (High Amplitude Multi-Roll) surround adapted from the high-end sound system, increasing high output and superb sound quality.

Easy To Install Network Design
You can easily adjust the level of tweeter (-3 / 0 / +3 dB) and the tweeter phase (normal / reverse) by just only slides open for giving the access to the adjustment jumpers.
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