All New CRV Diman
All new CRV EDM Mr. Diman using RE Audio a division of Us.Amps 
Head Unit : Pioneer AVH-8550BT
Front Speaker : RE Audio RE-6.5C
Rear Speaker : RE Audio RE-6.5C
Amplifier : RE Audio DTX 750.4
Monoblock Amplifier : RE Audio DTX 2000.1
Subwoofer : RE Audio REX 12' 2pcs
Power Cable : 4Awg Vermouth
Speaker Cable : Intersys Premium & Vermouth
RCA Cable : Vermouth
Peredam : 6 Lmbr Venom Diablo Mat
Type of Box : Sealed With Ultimate Custom Enclosure Design (Acrylic, Custom Fiber , LED, Motorized Pioneer CDJ Deck)
Estimated Installation : 3 Minggu
Total Budget : Rp. 55.000.000
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