Honda All New Jazz Ahmad Zahidi
When the best Speaker for sound quality combine with the best subwoofer for sound pressure level, and be driven by amps that evenly matched for them. You get the perfect sound, 3 system in 1 car Sound Quality, Sound Quality Loud, Sound Pressure Level. We called it, Masterpiece of Sound.
Head Unit : Pioneer Carrozzeria DEH-P01
Digital Sound Processor : VOX VXP-8
Front Speaker : RS Audio Smart MK II 165
Rear Speaker 2 Set : RS Audio Smart MK II 165
Amplifier For Front Speaker : RS Audio Amplifier Ability Starter 4B 100
Amplifier For Rear Speaker : RE Audio CTX 1000.4
Monoblock Amplifier : RE Audio ZTX 3000.1
Subwoofer : 2pcs RE Audio SEX 12 D4
Power Cable : 4Awg Vermouth
Speaker Cable : Vermouth Black Cusre
RCA Cable : Vermouth Black Cusre
Peredam : 20Lmbr Automat
Type of Box : Ported With Ultimate Custom Enclosure Design for Competition (Acrylic,Fiber, Custom Pilar,LED)
Estimated Installation : 3 Minggu
Total Budget : Rp. 120.000.000
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