Honda New Jazz Mr Tirto
Head Unit : Alpine IVE-W554EBT
Speaker : Audiofrog 3way (GB10, GB25, GB60)
Amplifier : Vox Research VK100Mk3
Amplifier For Subwoofer : Vox Research VK100Mk3
Subwoofer : Audiofrog GB10D4
Power Cable : Symbion 4Awg
Speaker Cable : Tchernov Original One SC
RCA Cable : Tchernov Special IC
Fuse : Eon Lab Fuse
Votage Stabilizer : 1pcs Vox Volt Commander
Peredam : Diofona
Type of Box : Sealed With Ultimate Custom Enclosure, LED,ACRYLIC, Custom Fiber) Competition Ready
Estimated Installation : 2 Minggu
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