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Cliport is a brand based in Bandung that has very deep knowledge about quality car audio, Cliport is also very active in participating in sound quality (SQ) competitions and has won many national and international awards.
Quality sound is our main goal. Reproduce music that is not only accurate and real but also capable of translating the emotions and feelings of consumers. Customer satisfaction is our main mission, without exception.
Whether it's a big-budget competition audio installation or a small, simple system for everyday use. We ensure that customers get optimal satisfaction from their budgets with the standards we have.

The world today seems to move so fast due to the technological and information advancement.

Many people feel obligated to pursue many things like material, career, or support family life.

And people kept running with fear of missing out.

It’s kind of a city crowd with its busyness. Which grab a lot of things. This include time, health, to enjoyment and meaning of living life itself.

We will be people’s one-frequency friend, that has the same strong senses, and always knows their personalities.Accompanying them on how to enjoy the simple things in daily life through listen to music, more meaning through the quality.

In between the busyness, there’s a form of enjoying, and it’s actually from simple things. We will accompany them to enjoy the simple things in their daily life.
“When people are busy and rush while doing their activities. Let me show you how i enjoy my day with simple things just a moment”

Having the quality of enjoying the moments of life.
Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.
Take delight or pleasure in an activity
The state of being free

Enjoy it, live it a moment, make it meaningful.

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