Menang di kompetisi Car Audio HIN Sound&Style Hot Import Nights Bandung 24-25 September 2016

HIN Hot Import Nights Sound&Style Bandung 24-25 September 2016 Team Vox & Cliport-Audio results :

1. 1st place Sound Quality 7 channel (3way) Honda Jazz Cliport-Audio
2. 2nd place Sound Quality Loud FFA Honda Jazz Sherina Aura Kiddrock Clothing

Special thanks :
Bapak Vox Research Maslim Djanuanto & Team Vox , Bapak EonLabs Jasin Handy Arianto, Bapak Reverb Acoustic Roland Roland Siahaan, Bapak AtP Quantum Atok Purnomo, our crew cliport audio and family mr boy pedro, mr Wiadi, mr Muhamad Gibrans Nurdin u are the best quality installation and fabicration keep on the good work!

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