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Midrange Scanspeak 10M/4614G06
Our Automotive families are specially selected units that have their origin in Scan-Speak’s well-known home audio speakers, improved and optimized for High-End automotive use. The Automotive families enable audiophiles to experience the same - TRUE TO LIVE - sound in their vehicle that they enjoy from their High-End home audio system.

Silver Series
10 cm Midrange
4 ohm, Neo Magnet, Coated Fiberglass Cone

- Very wide Frequency Range
- Coated NRSC Fibre Glass Cone (patent)
- Compact Size, Neo magnet, Alu. Chassis
- High Sensitivity 90dB / 2,83V
- SBR Rubber Surround
- Copper Cap on Pole Piece
Size (inches) : 4
Fs (Hz) : 90
Re (ohms) : 3.2
Sensitivity (dB) : 89.8
Qt : 0.29
VAS (ltr) : 2.0
Xmax ± (mm) : 2.6
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