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Speaker Z Series Pioneer TS-Z65C
Uncompromising Hi-Res Sound

Designed for Hi-Res Audio, the new flagship Z-series lets you hear more with amazing clarity and dynamism. These flagship speakers are ideal for audiophiles, discerning music lovers, and the likes, combining Pioneer’s signature Open & Smooth™ sound quality with superior materials and installation flexibility.

Open & Smooth Sound

The "Open & Smooth" sound concept of our industry-leading speakers delivers both sonic excellence and performance. The open-staging and smooth transition of driver response makes for an immersive experience that is truly the ultimate in-car sound

Your companion for Hi-Res Audio

The Z-series speakers can faithfully reproduce Hi-Res Audio recordings. This is about the closest you can get to experiencing studio-quality sound, thanks to their enhanced frequency response of 96kHz – up to four times better than most regular speakers.

Truly engaging and powerful sound

The speaker driver uses advanced Twaron® aramid fiber to achieve a wider dynamic range. This gives you a more engaging sound and stronger mid-bass.

Ushering a whole new level of clarity

Enjoy crystal-clear and crisp sound with the new Z series tweeter, which is meticulously engineered with sophisticated HSDOM computer analysis, and tuned by Pioneer’s own professional audio experts.

Uncompromising installation flexibility

Besides a built-in swivel function, the Z series tweeter also supports a tri-position mounting kit for flush, surface and bracket mount, so that you can effortlessly conceal it behind a grille on your vehicle’s dashboard or door.
Size : 16.5 cm
Tweeter Size : 29 mm
Max. Music Power (Nominal) : 300 W (100 W)
Frequency Response : 32 Hz to 96 kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m) : 85 dB
Impedance : 4 Ohm
Mounting Depth : 65 mm
Tweeter Mounting Depth : 15 mm
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