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Fullrange Venture DD-2
Beginning 2001, Venture engaged in a research and development program leading to its ability to design and produce its own drivers and bringing them to the Hi-End Car Audio market. The driver technology developed during the R&D program lead to the two basic types of dynamic drivers. Both use graphite particles dispersed throughout a composite matrix

The type of driver utilizes a cone that is made up of abaca pulp with abaca fibers for very natural sounding and is called AGC - Abaca Graphite Composite-. The abaca fibers come from the long steems of the abaca tree.

Venture also uses very powerful magnets in the drivers, in order to expert an extremly tight control of the cones motor movement. This results in a exceedingly tight and focused bass with low distortion in the lower octaves

Each new design of a Venture driver is subjected to a 1000 hour stress test to ensure eacht product meets the highest quality level. During production, each driver undergoes an extensive and dedicated quality control process with low tolerance limits. Hence, Venture drivers are extremely reliable.
Power Handling : 22 Watt/6 Ohm
Magnet Design : Neodymium
Rdc : 5.2 Ohm
Sd : 31.20 cm2
Qms : 2.1
Qes : 0.7
Qts : 0.68
Fs/Fo : 120 Hz
Vas : 1.12 l
Mms : 1.9 gr
Cms : 0.8 mm/N
BL : 2.0
Spl (w/m) : 85 dB
Spl (2.83V/m) : 87dB
Net weight : 550 gr
Freq Bandwidth : 120 - 60kHz
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