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Mosconi Gladen DSP 6to8
- 6-channel input, 8 output channels
- Time-delay with steps of 0.02 msec, insertion in cm, inch (delay and distance from the speaker), or msec.
- All settings are in real-time
- External control with display presets and main settings, available in April
- USB and BT (optional), to make adjustments via PC and apps for smart phones with Android
- Low or High-level input with Auto-Sense (only in High-Level)
- SP-Dif Digital card with optical input. Optional, available in April
- Aux input with Auto-Fading for stereo signal, hands-free navigation
- 4 presets
- Matrix Mixer to mix and match channels in / out as desired
- SUM function (input) for systems / OEM active sources
- Intuitive user interface with video tutorials to replace the instruction manual
- Can also be used without a mouse, only keyboard, facilitating adjustments in the car
- DSP technology in collaboration MOSCONI-GLADEN
- Completely manufactured in Italy by MOS OF IVAN MOSCONI
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