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New Pioneer DEH models take audio experience up a notch with a plethora of new and improved functions, delivering a stellar in-car audio experience. The new arrays of receivers feature significant improvements from their predecessors including a diverse range of functions to suit the unique needs of consumers.

USB Direct Control for iPod/ iPhone

App Mode allows you to use iPod and iPhone music apps to enjoy listening through the car speakers.

1A High Current USB Port

1A high current supply to a connected USB device keeps playback from the device stable and quickly recharges connected digital devices.

Advanced Sound Retriever

Advanced Sound Retriever reproduces high-quality sound from compressed digital audio files.

Anti-Dust Design

Anti-Dust Design ensures realibility and stability of performance as heat are optimally dissipated and entry of dust are prevented.
Display : LCD (10 x 1)
Preout : 2
Audio Format : MP3, WMA
AUX Input : Front
USB Interface (1) : Front
Control for iPod/ iPhone (2) : О
Advanced Sound Retriever : О
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